Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection

Workshop – Vendor Selection

Talking about RPA implies talking about technology and how it can be integrated within existing systems, processes and operations. Many providers have been developing tools along the lines of robotics which now offer to organizations a wide array of solutions… but also many troubles to choose from!

This 90-minute workshop will cover the different products out there, including details of the technologies used and the purposes that they serve to help organizations find the best match… or decide to go on their own!
Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Description of the main technologies currently out there (and what is cooking for the close future)
  • Basic questions for a self-assessment of needs based on your existing IT infrastructure and processes
  • A cost approach with differences in scope of services and objectives
  • An overview of the accessibility as a main factor of decision
  • The differences between RPA vendors and the impact it has (or not) on your selection process
  • Internal capability building or external support from consulting experts
  • The question of the ownership of the processes and technology involved
  • The flexibility of the tools and their adaptability to your operations
  • How to successfully collaborate with third party providers who lack the full view of your company’s operations

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